How To Search

You may use '+' and '-' in front of a word in the text search field to require that it be included or excluded in the search. For example, to search for recipes that include onions and yoghurt, enter "onion +yoghurt". Similarly if you like cumin but not onions, enter "cumin -onion". If you enter more than one word into the text search field without adding a '+' or '-' then all recipes containing any of the words will be found.

If you prefer, you may use 'and', 'or' and 'not' operators instead of '+' and '-'. So for the above examples you could use "onion and yoghurt" and "cumin not onion".

The checkboxes can be used to narrow your searches more rapidly. For example, if you are looking for a starter which uses aubergines, simply enter "aubergine" into the text search field and tick the 'Starter' checkbox.

The text search field looks for your word within the recipe title, keywords and ingredients but does not look at recipe description or instructions.

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