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Salad On A Leaf Plate
Salad On A Leaf Boat

Mamta Gupta

I eat a mixed salad of some sort or the other at every lunch time. Serving it on a lettuce leaf, like a boat, is a pretty way to present it, which I use often. I frequently mix a portion of seasonal fruit to my salads, mainly for the taste, but also for appearance. Salad are easy to serve this way in a party too, simply pick one leaf boat per person. Serves 2

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2-3 crisp lettuce leaves of choice per person. Choose any lettuce in season.
A mix of salad ingredients of choice, for example cucumber, tomatoes (cubed or cherry tomatoes), baby radishes, Beetroot (cooked and sliced or grated), avocado, green chillies
Any fruit of season (avoid ones that change colour, like bananas and apples). Oranges, grapefruit, peaches, plums, grapes, berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry) pineapple etc. are all good
For green garnish use any of these; sprouted mustard seeds-either home grown or buy small tubs from supermarket, fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves, chopped chives , flowers like chives, nasturtium or other edible flowers.


1.Wash, dry and lay down lettuce leaves on a flat surface. Or use a lettuce dryer or wrap in a towel and twirl to remove water.
2.Wash garnishes and spread on a towel to dry out water. Or wrap in a towel and twirl to remove water.
3.Prepare salad and fruit ingredients that you are using. Arrange on top of the lettuce leaves.
4.Garnish with your chosen ingredients.
5.Serve fresh with a vinaigrette or a Salad Dressings of choice.

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