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13/11/2008 02:13am
The Chef - Isidore Coelho

Hi - does anyone have a copy of this book? If so is it a good read? Reason Im asking is a work colleague here is the authors grand daughter. It came up in an indian food cooking conversation. Apparently her mum (when she was little, 8 or 9 yrs old) helped him proof read the first issue and was given a rupee every time she found a mistake or typo. I was thinking about buying a copy.



13/11/2008 10:27am

Hello Steve

It is a Goan cook book, looks good. I have a Goan cook book at home (I am in london today, staying with my younger daughter). I got it in India a few years back, it is lying around somewhere. I will look for it and see if it is the same. I have a feeling that the one I have is by a woman, not sure of the name. I don't cook Goan food very often, but should, because I like the few things that I have made/eaten. I don't have any Goan friends to learn from first hand!

I will try to remember to look it up, and get it if I like it, on my next visit to India in a few month's time.


22/2/2010 07:34pm
The Chef

I have a very old copy of The Chef by Isidore Coelho. Unfortunately it is tattered and torn - I am therefore looking for a newer version of the book.

22/3/2014 07:28pm
Regarding the cookbook, "The Chef", by Isidore Coelho

Hello. The Chef, by Isidore Coelho, is a wildly popular cookbook in the Indian community and overseas. It is especially popular among the Goan and Mangalorean Catholic communities. The author is a Mangalorean, so the recipes are mostly from that region, but Goan cuisine is quite similar to Mangalorean cuisine.

You can purchase this book on Another good URL is

1/3/2017 03:51pm
The Chef

Hi all ,

thanks all ,i was checking for this so long its noty available anywhere ...My mom had the book in the Konkani version..i was looking for the english version..

finally found in the

thanks a lot

1/3/2017 04:04pm
Book availability

Hi Llamabasil,

thanks a lot ... i tried everywhere for a version of this book.. my mom had an orginal in konkani language but i was looking for the English version

Finally got one in the printasia

13/12/2017 08:42am
The Chef

I want to know if anyone of you have tried the recipes from The chef cookbook. Please give me your views. I will then decide.

21/12/2017 09:36pm
recipes tried and used frequently

Recipes are very good, spice mixes (example: curry powder) are great. This is NOT a picture book however (have a really OLD copy). So don't expect visuals.

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