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28/3/2011 10:23pm
sago pudding in a tin

ambrosia sago pudding I have tried to get it for about two years with no luck not back on the shelf

29/3/2011 08:29am

Jan, I am sure I saw some recently, might have been Sainsbury's, not sure. Scratching head!

29/3/2011 06:22pm

I prefer FLAKE Tapioca - great globs of it!!

= Tim

12/4/2011 08:42pm

Tapioca and sago are completely different plants. Sago is probably more toxic in its natural state. Since Sago plants have caused a lot of animal deaths in the U.S.A. this has probably not helped sales.

Cycads may leave small amounts of toxin in the flour, thus supermarkets may be playing safe.


29/4/2011 01:51pm

out of interest.. just been in the local supermarket and spotted these on the shelves

tapicoa etc


Irene Watts
1/12/2011 07:26pm
Ambrosia Sago Pudding Not Available

Have searched all Supermarkets looking for Sago Pudding. Loved it and wanted to let my Grandchildren experience what I did as a child. Does this mean that it will never be on sale again? It would be such a shame if this was so.

2/12/2011 09:55am

My mum bought a bag of it from a local international food store a few months ago. But knowing our local international food store, it was probably bagged and on the shelf a couple of years before the tsunami took place.


2/12/2011 11:58am

You can buy packets of tapioca (very similar, almost identical) from most Indian grocers or on libe; and then cook the pudding yourself. Sago/tapioca is cooked in many forms, mostly savoury, by Indians. You will find a couple of recipes here too.

9/2/2012 07:27pm

finally tesco are stocking it again,im making "mango sago polemo"

2/3/2012 08:11pm
sago pudding

Is the Sabooda tinned that is sold in Indian shops?

2/3/2012 08:26pm

No, it is dry.

4/5/2012 03:33am
Sago not tapioca

I am having the same trouble here in Australia trying to buy sago. Tapioca is readily available but it is NOT sago. I know they are interchangable but sago is much finer. Many shop assistants here have not heard of it either.

14/5/2012 04:45pm

Sago and tapioca may be interchangeable when used in cooking recipes but they are certainly not the same when made into a milk pudding. We often make a sago pudding when in the Faroe Islands, delicious sprinkled with a sugar/cinnamon mix. I shall have to remmember to bring some back this summer.

30/1/2017 11:45pm

Today I have tried Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys with no success.

31/1/2017 09:02pm

Look here;

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