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27/8/2007 06:37pm

Ah I see


25/5/2009 06:07pm

This is my baby Curry Leaf Tree;


David Baldry
1/1/2017 01:48pm
Curry leaves cultivation in Spain

Hello,I am living also near Jerez and would like to know if any progress was made to grow the curry leaves in Andalusia.

3/1/2017 03:51pm

Hello David

I have had success from growing curry leaf plant from a cutting recently, but in UK. I posted it on mamtaskitchen facebook page a few weeks ago, as it happens!

I don't know about Andalusia, but I don't see why not!

In UK, it is also available from Amazon;

Don't waste money on seeds, they need to be very, very fresh, or they wont grow.

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