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11/2/2018 02:20pm

When I stir in the lemon juice, the stirring makes the solids very small, not in chunks. I prefer it in chunks, rather than tiny particles.

It's the stirring that does this, but my dilemma is that you need to stir the lemon juice in.

Any tips?

I did matar paneer recently. Tomorrow: saag paneer.

12/2/2018 10:58am

Interesting! I just replied to this via my Nexus Tablet, but it hasn't appeared here. I wonder where it went to.

I mostly use vinegar for curdling the milk, if I am going to use the paneer in savoury dishes. I use lemon or citric acid when making paneer sweets, only because I don't want the sweet dishes smelling of vinegar even mildly.

I bring the milk to a good boil, turn the heat off and add vinegar to the hot milk, a spoonful at a time, a total of around 2-3 tablespoons, stirring it in very gently, until it begins to curdle properly around where I have added vinegar. Then I stir it into the whole milk gently.

Then let it stand for a few minutes, to curdle properly and perhaps lumping together. The whey is semitransparent by this stage. Then drain it in a cloth placed on a colander.

For a cheese block and cutting squares, place the parcel on a wooden board over the sink, then press it with a pan full of water. 20 minutes/half an hour is usually enough.

For making softer paneer, as in using in sweets or dishes like this Paneer Koftae/keema, just place on a flat surface and it mash gently. For sweets like rasgulla (very difficult to make well at home), mash it until creamy smooth.

Hope this helps?

Paneer, How To Make It?

17/2/2018 06:09pm

Thanks, Mamta.

I've not been leaving it to stand for a while, after stirring in the lemon juice, and before putting it through the muslin (or, as my mother used to say 'muslim'!).

I'm doing saag paneer for my daughter, for lunch tomorrow, with beef kheema.

One of my grandsons will be there: he's a plain eater, so something bland for him!


18/2/2018 07:51am

Sounds lovely. You will cook Indian dish for GS?

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