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15/1/2018 10:38am
Limu omani


When making limu omani many recipes call for the boiling of the lemons or limes. Is that step necessary? I've just let them dry out in the kitchen and they look ok to eat. Would this be ok?


16/1/2018 11:32am

I don't think this is Indian. Anyway, I am not familiar with this name. Sorry!

Helen Bach
18/1/2018 11:26pm

these are dried lemons from Oman, or in the style of. It is possible to buy these already dried, as well as limes, which are usually black! I think the authentic lemons are buried in dry sand to dry them. I have had success in my kitchen, just sitting on a shelf, high up. I also dry many other vegetables and fruit this way, too, including mushrooms.

The only 'secret' is to choose the fruit/veg very carefully, and I usually start with ones that have started to dry out, WITHOUT any signs of mould or decay of any kind. Keep them all separate, as one rotten one could start the others off!

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