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16/8/2017 07:23am

Once made, can Raita be frozen please?

17/8/2017 08:14pm

Not really. The yoghurt tends to split when defrosted and gets quite watery. Best to make it fresh.

20/8/2017 02:46pm

I wrote a long message and was directed somewhere else and lost what I had written. What's that about?

20/8/2017 07:32pm

That is very strange. There is nowhere else to be directed to. I don't know much about the workings of the computers, may be you clicked on something wrong? I will ask my webmaster to take a look at your post.

20/8/2017 08:17pm

Very hard to say, without knowing where it directed you. As Mamta says, there's nowhere else to really direct you!

22/8/2017 04:21pm

It was along the lines of not being sure if I was a genuine poster and therefore rerouted me to I don't know where, I didn't take a lot of notice, I just hit the back button and all was lost.

22/8/2017 04:26pm

I just tried to send another message, and it happened again. Here is a copy

Post Flooding

Due to the actions of certain highly inconsiderate individuals, we have been forced to implement code to try and block them from spamming our forum. You have been directed here as a result.

If you are a genuine user then please, accept our apologies for this inconvenience - we now limit how rapidly you can post new messages, so please try again in a minute or two!

I also lost this second post, what I asked was does the forum not keep a note of the original poster's username when replying, or do we need to keep entering for each post on a thread? I hope this goes through, have copied just in case.

23/8/2017 07:27am

Ahh yes; it looks like you managed to post in a way that (wrongly!) fooled our system into thinking you are some sort of spambot. Sorry about that - it's usually better behaved!

Unfortunately, it's a 'feature' of modern web browsers that simply hitting the back button doesn't usually remember what you'd entered previously (without some fancy footwork by the website in question).

On your other question; no, the forum doesn't remember your name or anything like that, currently.

26/8/2017 11:24am

I'm not sure what you mean by saying I managed to post in such a way.......etc., when all I did was hit the submit button at the end of the text.......

15/10/2017 05:56pm

That wasn't intended as an insult, it just means that something about the wording managed to fool the automated spam detector into categorising your post as spam. Without seeing the exact text it's hard to say what, and in any case, that's not to say it was inappriopriate in any sense at all, sometimes these spam detectors are fallible. We are really sorry it's stopping you from posting. If you're willing to try again, it may be worth writing the post into a text file (using something like Word or Notepad) and then copying and pasting it here to submit. If it doesn't accept it, please do email the text to me at (along with the User name you entered) and we'll see if we can work out what it doesn't like. Sorry again!

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