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27/12/2016 04:49pm
Paneer Tikka

Dear Mamtaji

I want to make paneer tikka for new years party. As i will be very busy hosting it wont be possible to make tikka just before eating

CannI make it before hand and heat it up under hot grill before serving? Please advice

Many Thanks 🙏🏽

28/12/2016 06:42am

Are you making Paneer Tika or Paneer Tikka Masala, which has a little gravy? With gravy, there is no problem reheating.

With Paneer Tikka, you cold have it skewered and ready to serve and the wrap cooked skewers of Paneer tikka in foil, then re-heat in oven. It will of course not have the crisp edges of freshly cooked one, but will be good enough.

28/12/2016 06:04pm

Thanks Mamta G

I am making Paneer Tikka as starter

I will cook n keep in foil and re heat before serving

Happy New Year To You 🎉

29/12/2016 06:36am

They might look nice, if you put 1-2 cubes each on small skewers/toothpicks, before you chill them, ready to be heated/served. Serve on a bed of finely shredded lettuce. Lettuce makes it look nicer, even if it is not eaten.

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