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10/6/2017 07:22pm
Besan barfi has a strange aftertaste on the tongue

I made besan Barfi today and even though it seemed to have roasted fully , it has a strange after taste that you can feel on the tip of your tongue. Not sure if it's under cooked or is it because I added the sugar while it was still hot.

13/6/2017 06:40am

Hello Niki

I am not sure what may cause a strange taste. Difficult to say without looking or tasting it.

Possible reasons;

Uder-fried besan

Burnt/overfied besan

Old besan that may have gone off


27/7/2017 06:37am
slight bitter after taste

I made it 2 times n it has a slight bitter after taste dunno why plzz help

28/7/2017 03:35pm

It has never been bitter whenever I have made it. This is a pretty basic recipe. Only thing I can think of is that besan was cooked on too high heat and got burnt.

7/8/2017 05:32pm
My laddoo is too soft now

Hi Marta,

Just made the laddoo.

My laddoo is soft not sure what went wrong. Will they harden if I wait? Is there any remedy nnow to harden them?

8/8/2017 11:41am

Hello Sahiti

yes, the laddoos are a bit soft when freshly made. They should become firmer as they cool, unless you live in a very hot place :).

Try keeping them in the fridge for a bit.

You didn't add too much ghee by any chance, did you?


12/10/2017 08:46pm
Besan Rava laddu mixture became hard


I roasted rava, besan in ghee and added sugar syrup to their mixture. But the mixture became hard and coarse. Cannot make laddus out of it. What should I do now? I cannot add more sugar syrup as the mixture tastes perfectly sweet right now. Should I roast it with ghee and try again? Also, there are small hard balls in the mixture which tastes very sweet. I think it is probably because of the sugar syrup that hardened after cooling. How can I get rid of these hard pieces? Will the heating with ghee help?

16/10/2017 06:36am
laddoos made perfect but not drenched in syryp

my laddoo taste and the way it had been molded is perfect, but its not drenched in syrup. can i add anything at this tage or should i leave as is?

16/10/2017 09:04am

Hello Punam

I make laddos by adding ground/caster sugar to the friued besan, not syrup. I don't know anyone who makes them with syrup.

If your syrup is thick, 2-3 wire/thread consistency, that is likely to set as it cools. That is probably you have the hard balls in it. The only way to get rid of them is to either pick them out individually or blend the whole mix in a food processor.

Hello RuBe

Why should laddoos should be drenched in sugar syrup, I don't understand your question? This is how Besan laddoo should look.


6/12/2017 08:52pm

Hi can I mix both besan and sugar together?? Actually the thing I already mixed besan and sugar together in a separate container what can I do out of it??please help

9/12/2017 10:03am

Is this raw, un-fried, besan that you have mixed sugar to? If yes, you can't really make burfi from it, which requires the besan to be fried. Otherwise, it will taste awful. The only thing that I can think of off the top of my head that you can use this 'raw' besan and sugar mix is a sweet besan pancake. Follow this recipe for Semolina & Wheat Flour Sweet Chilla Pancake;

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