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8/4/2007 10:03pm
Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

I tried to make besan ke laddoo, but when I try to shape the mixture into balls, it crumbles hopelessly. I used the coarser variety of besan, laddoo besan. I never had a problem when I made these laddoos earlier :( ...and I dont know what to do to fix the problem, or what can be done with the mixture now :((! Please help!!

ps, my husband says that the coarse besan is not fully fried, but I say that it is. The ghee was shining on the surface of the besan (and if I had friend any more, it would have burned!), which I usually take as my indicator if something's fully fried.

9/4/2007 01:51pm
Besan Laddoo

Hi Vasudha

Besan is fully fried when the ghee begins to separate from it and the whole bulk begins to come off the edge of the wok/karahi. There is also a very distinctive aroma of roasting besan. Besan should not be fried on high heat, only on low-medium. Otherwise it burns before it fries into a uniform golden brown.

I am surprised that your laddoos did not bind. Did you put enough ghee in the besan? They are bound by the ghee in the besan and should be made into laddoos while still hand warm. They become more solid as they cool and ghee solidifies.

This has never happened to me either, cutting down on ghee is the only thing I can think of that caused the problem. You need to make them with normal amount of ghee and eat less of them if worried about the calories.

You can try adding a little syrup of one wire consistency and set them into Besan Burfies , but I have not tried it under similar circumstances, so can not guarantee that it will work.


Reeta Kumar
10/4/2007 04:48pm
Besan Laddoo

1. Usually, sugar is added to the besan when it has cooled down. If you add sugar to hot besan, this can happen sometimes.

2 You can add water to the crumbled besan, making it into a paste. Heat it through and then try to set it as burfi, but please keep it in the fridge to set.


2/4/2010 04:22am


Ghee is the binding agent in besan ladoo. So, try adding little more ghee. usually the ratio of basan to ghee is 2:1 which makes nice ladoos

Add sugar when the mixture is little warm and not hot or very cold.

Hope this would help.


13/11/2011 07:27pm
Besan aroma is still there

Hello everyone

I tried to make besan ladoo but didn't waited till the aroma of the besan can be felt....and mixed sugar and made the balls...

The balls are binded perfectly but while eating it feels as if we r eating raw besan flour....what is the remedy now????

14/11/2011 05:09am

No remedy now, put it down to experience.

Or; I have never done it or heard of it, but try microwaving one laddoo on full for 1 + 1 minute and see if that helps.

mrs maharaj
7/11/2015 09:06am
soft laddoo

hi,I have been told to add a little corn flour to mixture. do you think this will help. thank you

7/11/2015 11:36pm

Hello Mrs. maharaja

Do you mean corn flour that is used to make custard or cornmeal that is used to make makka roti?

I have not tried it myself, but you can try it and come back and tell us if it worked/made the roties better.

21/1/2016 12:02pm
Besan ladoo

After adding sugar to the fried besan my btter has become loose, I think I have added more ghee.. How do I correct it

21/1/2016 04:44pm

If you have added too much ghee, dry fry a little more besan without ghee, and add that to the whole mix. Depending upon how much more besan you need to add, you may need to add extra sugar too.

25/4/2016 06:38am
Raw taste of besan

i made besan laddoos and it had a raw taste.can i cook the mix again with a little ghee or should i dry roast them? whats the remedy?Pls help.

25/4/2016 06:47am

Hello Moncee

Once you have added the sugar, it will be difficult to remedy them. Recooking with sugar will probably make them toffee like.

It is quite common to be in a hurry to stop frying, before the besan is properly roasted, when you make them first time, as mentioned in step 5.

If you want to try, try it with a couple of laddoos and see if it works.


28/10/2016 01:48pm
I have added extra auger syrup in laddoes and now they are very soft and couldn't be bonded what should I do

29/10/2016 06:01am

I don't make laddoos with sugar syrup, I add ground sugar directly, as my mum taught me; Besan Laddoo . I don't know anyone that makes besan laddos with syrup, so can't ask anyone either!

In my experience, it is difficult to remedy things once they go wrong, it is like throwing good money after bad! But you can try adding extra besan, after frying it in ghee, as you must have done with the original besan.

You can try making burfies with it; Besan Burfi .

Incidentally, what consistency syrup did you add?

12/3/2017 12:54pm
Besan laddo problem

If laddos are not getting properly bind then just add lukewarm milk spoon by spoon .Don't add much else it will form.a paste so add by checking the consistency and then bind the laddos. It get bound perfect. Try this it works 100%. Hospe you will find this useful.

15/3/2017 07:19pm

Hello Suchya

I think that adding milk will make them go off quickly. Normally, laddoos have quite a good shelf life, but adding milk will take that away. Perhaps adding a lille more melted ghee will work better.

20/3/2017 06:32am


20/3/2017 06:59am

Kavita, thora aur besan sookha, bina ghee ka, bhoon kar usmein mila do. Phir laddo bana lo.

Hope this works.

9/5/2017 10:36am

I made ladoo but it's taste is little bitter

9/5/2017 04:49pm

Bitter? You must have burnt the besan flour. I can't think of any other reason why they would be bitter.

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