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23/8/2017 06:06am

To freeze uncooked chapatties, you will need to separate them each with wax paper, or they will stick together. I will suggest that you half cook them on a tava/griddle, then spread them out on a towel until cool. Now you can stack them and freeze. Later on, you can defrost them and balloon them on a tava or defrost them and cook them on gas directly.

If you stack and freeze them without cooling first, they are more likely to stick together, because they will retain more moister/steam between chapatties. I freeze leftover chapatties and stuffed parathas of all kinds this way, without any problem.

30/12/2017 09:19am
Freezing chapatis

Which method is better... to cook and then freeze or freeze uncooked chapatis? which would yield better and softer chapatis when reheated

31/12/2017 01:39pm

For me, there would be no point to freezing uncooked. You might as well make fresh. Cooked ones need to be cooled and then frozen. If you stack them hot and freeze them, they are likely to stick together.

Marathi Unlimite
6/1/2018 05:55am
How to store chapati so that it remains soft for 7 days


You can Keep in deep freezer.

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