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2/8/2014 01:13pm
Burnt Ghee

SUCCESS!!!! Mamta and all on this forum! It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that my experiment with adding fresh curry leaves and garlic to my burnt Ghee proved Immensely successful! Should've posted the results immediately but 2 days later when I opened the box of ghee, Viola, the Burnt smell n taste was GONE! and it smelt rather good and normal! Dunno if the garlic did anything for the smell cos I cannot smell any garlic in the Ghee, but yes the yummy smell of Curry leaves is subtly there! So there you Go, don't throw away your burnt Ghee Folks!!:-)

2/8/2014 05:25pm

I had never heard this before. I will have to try it out by burning some ghee first :-)

4/8/2014 04:25pm
Burnt Ghee

:-) Go ahead Mamta, but Burning Ghee or milk or even paneer!is a speciality of my cook.....I wish you luck in trying to burn anything ;-)Anyways try it and see for yourself! I am still amazed at the result and cannot stop smelling the ghee for myself out of sheer disbelief! :-)

25/8/2014 11:25pm

Svati, I made ghee a couple of days ago but couldn't bring myself to burn it!

17/9/2014 04:51pm
Burnt Ghee


16/11/2014 09:43am
Burnt Ghee

I had so patiently and diligently cooked ghee yet ended up burning it in the last few mins :(

Your post helped tremendously.


16/11/2014 10:47am

Did you try the curry leaves and garlic Pooja, I have never tried it myself. I prefer to throw away burnt ghee, it makes food cooked in it smell too. Next time I make ghee, I will burn a portion and then try curry leaves and ghee trick.

13/1/2015 11:21am

I made ghee at home it got extremely burnt so can I now use it to lightlamps??is there any method to fix that burnt ghee

14/1/2015 06:36am
Burnt ghee

Not really, the burnt smell is impossible too remove. Lighting the lamps is just about all you can do with it. There is no point in throwing good money after bad by cooking good ingredients in it.


17/1/2016 08:31am
Over cooked ghee

The ghee got overcooked and is light brown as it has cooled it tastes a bit burnt

17/1/2016 10:10am

Apart from trying what the first poster has said here, I have else nothing to add :(.

Since it is winter and birds need fat, you can try leaving a little out for them and see if they will eat it. Otherwise, put it down to a lesson that you should not leave the ghee cooking when you are not in the kitchen. Cooking it on low heat lets you do others chores, but you still have to check and stir regularly.

10/2/2017 02:56pm
burnt ghee

U said to add garlic and curry leaves to burnt ghee to remove the we have to add paste of garlic or add it as it is???

11/2/2017 08:21pm

swalia, it wasn't me that said it. For me, burnt ghee is only for throwing. Trying to make it good is like throwing good money after bad!

Helen Bach
14/2/2017 05:46pm

I would agree with Mamta, throwing good money after bad. But smelling and tasting are different things. The reason the smell might be less noticeable is that the ghee (fat) is stopping the smell escaping into the atmosphere. Most 'flavours' would prefer the fat/oil than to transfer to the atmosphere (once in the fat/oil).

As is often misunderstood, ghee is not simply clarified butter. It contains flavours from the curd proteins which react with the lactose to form Maillard reaction products which provide deeper nutty/roast flavours. It is these new flavours (along with any left over reactants) that burn, not the oil/fat.

Best to learn and start again. ;?)

4/3/2017 02:52am
add garlic & fresh curry leave

just add sm fresh garlic & curry leave to d burnt ghee & d smell will works

10/9/2017 11:23pm

I was making cookie dough and didn't have enough normal butter so I used ghee. But the taste really ruins the taste of your average sugar cookie. How do I rid the taste? I added so much other stuff to try to rid the taste but it didn't work.

12/9/2017 12:11pm

According to my SIL, if you add a few paan leaves to such Ghee and cook it for a bit, burnt smell is removed. This works for old ghee too.

I have not tried it personally and i don't know where you would find paan leaves outside India.


27/9/2017 05:47pm

Sary ghee ko halka garm kr k us ma atta takreban 2 cup dall k or 1/2 chamch ilaychi powder dall k chenni add kr k cream ya doodh thora sa add kr k halwa ki trha bhon ly jab halwa tyar ho jay to ghee utar ly smell khtam ho jay gi chahy to phly kam ghee pr practice kr k phir sary ghee ko istimal ma laay

1/12/2017 12:14am
Burnt ghee

Use it to massage your body regularly

1/12/2017 06:54am

Funny you should say that! My grandmother, who lived to be a fit and erect 97, used it as body and hair massage oil, every single day, all her life.

If you use burnt ghee for massage, use it before shower ;)!

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